Wall Ranch Grass Fed Beef Variety Bundle

The Wall Ranch Variety Bundle includes:
2 pounds of Sirloin Steak
2 pounds of ground beef
3 pounds of Thin Sliced
4 pounds of Stew Meat
2 pound Pot Roast
Bonus: 1 pound Bone-in Brisket Stew
**Each variety bundle comes with one free pound of Bone-in Brisket Stew

This variety bundle is perfect for any family of beef eaters and is the best way to stock up your freezer with a good selection of items to have on hand for any occasion. Our sirloin has great flavor and is perfect to throw on the grill. The ground beef is so delicious and versatile. From burgers to chili, lasagna, spaghetti, meatballs, hamburger steak, tacos and so much more, Wall Ranch Ground Beef is a must for all occasions and is something you always want in your freezer. Our stew meat is pre-cut and easy to simply defrost, brown, and throw in the crock pot with veggies for an amazing local beef stew. And last but not least our thin sliced can be used to make teriyaki, stir-fry, and much more. The thin slices make cooking this cut of beef quick and simple. Marinate or simply season to pan fry or grill tasty slabs of beef.

About Wall Ranch Grass Fed Beef:
Our grass fed and finished beef is from right here in Kona produced on our family ranch. All our beef is processed in a FDA approved facility and is frozen. Safety and quality are very important to us. Each animal is humanely raised, processed, and hand picked. You know you are always getting the best when you choose Wall Ranch beef.

Produce type:
CSA Farm box
Meal box
Meat & Fish
Eggs & Dairy
Baked Goods
Available Pickup / Delivery Day(s):
Available Pickup / Delivery Times: 10am - 12pm
Availability times: We are at the Keauhou Farmers Market every Saturday from 8am-11:30am
Pick-up instructions: Stop by at the Keauhou Farmers Market in the parking lot of the Keauhou Shopping Center on Saturday mornings between 8-11:30am to pick up your order.
Delivery Options:
I will deliver
You can pick up
Delivery range: 25 miles
Item can be shipped in mail:
Item CAN be shipped in mail
Item CANNOT be shipped in mail
Contact us to arrange shipping or delivery
Delivery instructions: Let us know your order and address and we will deliver our grass fed beef to your doorstep, workplace, or preferred meeting place for free any weekday.
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